The first customer to buy stainless steel scourer -Abdullahi

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In 2015, I started to contact kitchen cleaning utensils, and the first one I contacted was stainless steel scourer. I was once doubtful whether this product could be sold.

In the past three months, a Customer from Somalia contacted me to visit our factory. At that time, I felt nervous and happy, as if I had already sold a container of stainless steel scourer.

On the last day of May, I finally met Abdullahi with trepidation. He is a tall boy. During our conversation, WE learned that he is just 20 years old and has been importing steel scrubber for two years.

We first visited our factory in accordance with the schedule plan, told him that the stainless steel scourer is generally divided into two material, stainless steel and galvanized, stainless steel is divided into 410 and 430,and 430 is the highest prices, 410 is a common steel scrubber, galvanized cleaning scourer is the lowest price, but its easy to rust, to save time is shorter, save galvanized cleaning scourer is not recommended.

After understanding, Abdullahi put forward the requirement of fine packaging. We recommend the packing of stainless steel scourer with blister card, which can be preserved for a long time and has a beautiful appearance. However, he requires 5 grams of steel scrubber.

But Abdullahi insisted on making 5 grams of steel scrubber , and we quoted the price according to his requirements. Then he said “Make proforma invoice for me”, I asked again confused, asking me to make the contract, and then he paid me 10,000 DOLLARS in cash, so my first order was concluded.

After the order was finalized, Abdullahi took the plane that day and returned to Guangzhou. Looking back on the day’s work, he felt that he had not only relied on hard work, but also had luck. However, luck kept coming and soon my second customer, Rajesh, was welcomed.