My Indian stainless steel scourer boss -Jayesh

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It was 10:00 PM after arranging Abdullahi’s order. I received a message on WhatsApp from Jayesh in India, who needed a solid steel scrubber and mesh scourer. This customer was my order for 2-3 cabinets every month and I have been cooperating with him.

In my impression, Indian customers are very smart. I clearly remember that the first quotation was made on the way back to my parents’ home. The car was always open while I was working with my laptop.

The price of steel scrubber quoted at that time was $2,100 per ton, 15kg per carton, 11g per pcs. Mesh scourer is 12 g, 12 pack a bag, 100 bags in a carton, the material of mesh scourer is galvanized wire, galvanized wire has 20, 35 and 40 grams of different zinc, at ordinary times do mesh scourer is 0.7 mm material is commonly used in 20 grams of zinc, mesh scourer after can be used for the cleaning of the kitchen, cost-effective, in the short term will not rust, there`s also mesh scourer in a roll. Customers in many countries like this product very much.

The price of the Jayesh steel scrubber is 2000 DOLLARS per ton, which is close to our cost price. However, it is our new customer, after all, so we accepted the order. Jayesh sent us the slip the next day after the contract was sent, and the deposit soon arrived.
Gradually, we gained more confidence on the way to make cleaning scourer, and soon we established our own factory. In the next article, I will talk about how our cleaning scrubber factory started.