Establishment of stainless steel scourer factory -1

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2016 was a youthful year, we have two fixed customers, decided to set up our own factories, the previous order is arranged to another factory, the order is bad arrangement, always make mistakes, also controls the quality is bad, always weigh less steel scrubber, or a rusty, we know that it is a factory with the bad material to us.
After some discussion, we decided to set up our own factory.

We looked at the week of scourer making machine, and now the machines are divided into the big and small machine, large steel scourer machine is to use 0.7 mm raw material to produce stainless steel wire, through the different types of dies, the 0.7 mm stainless steel wire drawing into 0.13 mm stainless steel wire, scrubber making machine head directly winding into steel cleaning scourer, the machine through the most difficult part of the dies, It takes a long time to practice (it took workers about three months to master it later), for machine power consumption is about 800 RMB per ton, and the mold consumption is 400 RMB per ton.

The small cleaning ball machine is relatively simple, only a machine head, the use of 0.13mm stainless steel wire, low power consumption, 350 RMB per ton of power consumption, simple operation, a look will operate.

After paying the deposit for the purchase of 10 machines, we started to choose a factory. It took us much more time and energy to choose a factory than to buy machines, and that’s when I realized how difficult it was to build a factory

scourer making machine-small
stainless steel wire 410 grade 0.13mm
scourer making machine- big / combine machine
stainless steel wire 410 grade 0.7 mm