Machinery in a cleaning scourer factory

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To build a complete cleaning scourer factory, there are not only scourer-making machines but also many auxiliary machines. It takes us a long time to study these machines, and it is very difficult to purchase and use them.

The first need is the air compressor, whether small scourer making machine or combine machine needs this air compressor, there is an air pump on the steel scrubber machine, need air to fill, have enough power to make the cleaning ball bounce off the machine, air compressor 3200 RMB, small about 1900 RMB.

The grinding machine is very important, each machine has a press wheel, the surface material of the press wheel is chrome 16, every three or four days of use will appear on the surface of the indentation, in this case, will lead to the scourer machine frequently short lines, so you need to use the grinder to smooth these marks.

The last thing you need is a conveyor belt. Steel balls are easy to stick together. If you use a conveyor belt, it will reduce the adhesion between steel balls.

These machines are very necessary for the establishment of the factory. As soon as we get these machines ready, the factory will start. First is India’s new customer orders do 2 tons of cargo, 12 g each, 20 kg per box, started production is really very low, only do every day two cases better quality steel wire ball, other we are as a waste, in constant groping, improved the production soon, also started the first FCL production.

scourer making machine
press wheel
The conveyor belt
grinding machine