The Storm Of Scourer Making Machine

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Engaged in the production of clean ball industry for many years, in recent years, one of the most common modes of making money, sell scourer making machine at a high price and then recycle stainless steel scourer at a low price, this is a fixed routine of machine factories, many do not know that it can make money, in fact, a lot of losses.

I have a friend who doesn’t know that I have been working in this industry for many years. He spent 120,000 RMB to buy combine scourer-making machines, 60,000 RMB for each machine, equivalent to 9,500 USD for each machine. The person who sold the machine to him said that he would recycle the stainless steel scrubber, but needed him to deliver the goods and pull the 0.7 mm raw material of stainless steel 410 by himself.

If you want to successfully operate this combine scourer making machine, you also need to prepare a grinding machine, because the press wheel on the scourer making machine takes about 3 days to grind once, this grinding machine is necessary; Also needs an air compressor, the new combine scourer machine is drawing wire and scourer making machine together, the need to use three-phase (380V) electricity, an air compressor can make the steel ball better ejection down.

My friend often goes back and forth between the material factory and processing plant, processing cost is very low, still, need to buy a truck to transport back and forth. Later by chance that I engaged in this industry for many years, is to ask our factory to visit, our machine is the most valuable, also is the price of his half to buy a machine, and want to produce the qualified clean ball it is very difficult, our workers are more than 3 years of experience, and then my friend gave up this road, now he wants me to help to sell the machine, It costs 22,000 RMB, or $3,481.

So I would like to say to those people who cheat others in order to make money fast: We’re not put on this Earth to think of only ourselves.