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raw material is stainless steel 410 grade and 430 grade


stainless steel wire fabric with sponge make to sponge scouring


raw material is stainless steel 410 grade and 430 grade

What else do we offer ?

We provide not only finished products, but also raw materials, production machines and production technology

stainless steel wire 410 grade and 430 grade 0.13mm
stainless steel wire 0.7mm
weaving machine for steel fabric
mesh scrubber
mesh scourer in roll

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24 hours online, the questions can be answered quickly and quoted according to your requirements for the first time.

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The minimum order of one carton of goods,bulk goods are transported by sea at a low cost usually.

Quality Control

Boss is directly responsible for production, spot check every day and we have a 3 rd-party QC to guarantee the quality .

OEM Available

Can be generation processing, according to customer requirements for product customization, packaging customization.

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The factory is 200 kilometers away from Qingdao port, the distance is close, the transportation is convenient.

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Provide product after sales service, machine operation experience, and introduce local customers.

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Mr Denis -Purchasing manager

We have cooperated with Kitty for 4 years, she is very professional and gives us a lot of useful suggestions in many times. Now we have more than 20 distributors, and WE believe that we will continue to cooperate with JBL

Mr Omar

JBL is our good business partner. When the new coronavirus was serious, the boss of JBL sent us a lot of masks and gloves. We have been cooperating happily, and the product quality of JBL is also very good

Mr Piotr Zoltogorski

We have bought 20 sets scourer making machines, and now all of them are in normal operation. It is the workers of JBL who guide the operation


Our blog teaches you how to use machines better

Our professional guidance grinder, air compressor, wire cleaning ball machine, high-speed wire drawing machine and welding machine and other machines, machine operation and use technology

What is a scouring sponge used for?

“In our quest for a spotless home, the humble cleaning sponge often goes unnoticed, yet it plays a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Join us on a journey into the world of cleaning sponges as we explore their different types, uses, and the best practices for cleaning and maintenance. Discover the advantages of using sponges over other cleaning tools and unlock the secrets to making your cleaning sponges last longer while ensuring a sparkling clean home. Whether you’re a cleaning enthusiast or just looking for tips to simplify your household chores, this blog post on cleaning sponges is your ultimate guide to achieving a pristine living space.”

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Why can we say top 3 quality factories? Maybe we are not the factory with the largest area and most machines, but we are the most rigorous and strict.

Our workers through strict training, strict requirements for quality, sales staff have rich export experience

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