Life tips for using a kitchen sponge

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Nano sponge is melamine foam with advanced nanotechnology foam, its internal structure with a 3 d mesh opening, this structure makes the nanosponge after flooding in can automatically wipe process adsorption stain on the surface of the object, like countless ultra cleaner at work, in the process automatic adsorption to wipe besmirch on the surface of the object, do not contain any chemical cleaning agents, played super strong, fine material,
Does not hurt the skin;

Remove stubborn stains only water, clean environmental protection;
Suitable for cleaning concave and convex uneven surface, deep stubborn dirt, easy to take care of, without leaving scratches;
Easy to use, no chemical cleaners, no new pollution to the environment;
When cleaning, only 30-40% of the water consumption of traditional cleaning methods can be used, which greatly reduces sewage discharge, saves water resources, and benefits future generations

Nano sponge can effectively clean tea scale, dirt, dirt, scale, soap scale, etc., hard and smooth surface (such as ceramic, plastic board, glass, stainless steel), can play a good decontamination effect.
Can be arbitrarily cut into different sizes to facilitate the use of different items or scope.
Its application scope is very wide.

It can also be used for ice compress. After trauma, the skin will appear local bruising phenomenon, in 48 hours can be used to reduce local inflammation with a cold compress. At this time you can use the cloth to freeze cold compress. The specific method is: take a plastic bag, dip 100 clean cloth in a small amount of water, and then into the plastic bag, put in the frozen layer of the refrigerator. Bags in plastic bags quickly turn into ice cubes.

It can also be used as a soap pad. After using soap, you can put the soap on a dry dishcloth. Because there are many tiny pores on the sponge surface of the dishcloth, the water on the soap can be quickly absorbed into the dishcloth