What problems will be encountered in the use of a high-speed wire drawing machine?

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Do you know how to make the steel wire we use to make steel scrubbers?

It draws from 5.5mm to 0.7mm, then again to 0.13mm, or even 0.09 mm, for steel cloth and sponge scourer pads.

High-speed wire drawing machine is to process 0.7mm stainless steel wire into 0.13mm by drawing, which is an important raw material for the production of metal clean balls and steel wire cloth. High-speed wire drawing machine has the advantages of fast speed, high efficiency, simplicity, and ease of operation, but also there will be common problems, which will directly affect the efficiency of production. Here we discuss the common problems and solutions in high-speed wire drawing machines.

  1. The high-speed wire drawing machine breaks the wire. The broken line is divided into many cases
  • A single line fixed position broken line, the machine is always at the same position broken line. This situation is due to the serious wear of the mold leading to broken lines, which is relatively simple to solve, replacing the mold can be done. If the wear of the mold before and after is also serious, it needs to be replaced at the same time. According to the size of the strength of the steel wire through the mold, whether it needs to be replaced or measured with a micrometer. The inner hole of the new mold is smooth. If the inner hole is not smooth, it will also cause the wire to break, and the situation of not smooth also needs to be replaced with a new mold.
  • A single wire breaks at an unfixed position. A single wire breaks at random, not at a fixed point. This situation is due to the problem of steel wire raw materials. To solve this problem, we need to change the raw materials to one end, turn the steel wire over, cut the steel wire, turn it over, and re-weld it. This is not often the case and can usually be solved by slowing down the machine.
  • The single line is broken at a fixed position and will be wound to the tower wheel. This situation is because the tower wheel is used for too long, and there is a deep dent on the tower wheel, leading to the steel wire being stuck in the dent, there are two solutions to this situation, the first is to loosen the screw on the mold frame, adjust the position of the mold frame so that the steel wire avoid the sag position of the tower wheel, it can be solved. Second, removing the tower wheel, lathe processing, remove the grooves on the surface, will also solve the problem of the broken lines. The two wires are broken at the same time. During the operation of the machine, the two wires are broken at the same time, and the position of the broken wires is almost the same. This is because after one wire is wound on the tower wheel, the other one is also broken.
  • the double line is disconnected at the same time, during the operation of the machine, the double line is broken at the same time, and the broken line position is in the middle of the water tank. This situation causes the pulley to slip. When the pulley slips, the steel wire is disconnected due to the asynchronous speed. The problem can be solved by replacing the belt or applying belt wax on the belt. Another possibility is when the tower wheel screws loose, resulting in the tower wheel lose do not turn, this situation will also occur, fastening the tower wheel screws can solve the problem.

2. High-speed drawing machine behind the wire hanging. During the operation of the machine, the 0.7mm steel wire at the end of the machine is often wound up, which can be solved by placing one or two belts in the middle of the 0.7mm steel wire.

3. High-speed wire drawing machine is not uniform. In the production process, it is found that the produced silk is not evenly wound on the drum, such as protruding somewhere. This is because the belt of the stepper motor of the machine is worn out, and the belt will slip when the lining wheel turns to the protruding position. As a result, the dwell time in this place is long and the stay time is long, resulting in excessive winding silk. To solve this problem, you can apply belt wax on the stepper motor belt, or you can directly replace the belt, and the problem can be solved.

4. Water tank of the high-speed wire drawing machine leaks. Water leakage of high-speed wire drawing machine water tank is a very common problem, because most high-speed wire drawing machines do not use ceramic water seals, but use ordinary rubber water seals, but the service life of rubber water seal is very short, easy to wear and cause water leakage, but high-speed wire drawing machine water leakage is not a serious problem, there are two ways to solve, the first is to replace the water seal, replacement is more troublesome, And it doesn’t last too long. After a few months, it starts leaking again. The second method is to install a bucket behind the machine, and put a small water pump inside the bucket, so that the leakage of water back to the pump, recycling, this method is more common, pay attention to the drainage hole blocked, blocked drainage hole will lead to water into the bearing inside, resulting in bearing damage.

What other problems do you encounter in the use of high-speed wire drawing machines? Welcome to reply and exchange. I will reply to your questions as soon as possible, thanks for your reading and attention.