1 . What machines do we have?

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If you want to produce stainless steel cleaning balls, what kind of machine is needed, do you know?

Scrubber making machine

There are two kinds of stainless steel scrubber-making machines, one is a simple small machine, and the other is a wire drawing and scrubber-making together machine.

  • Small scourer-making machine. Used to produce scrubber equipment, can produce spiral scrubber and flat scourer, gram weight 8 grams to 60 grams, scrubber making machine is easy to operate, fast, small machine operation is relatively simple, easy to use, generally, 5-6 sets machine for a group, a group of two people, a person operation, a person packing, if you need to pack bags, then need more people for packaging work. The output of a scourer-making machine is 8-10kg/h.
  • Wire drawing and scrubber making in one machine. A clean ball integrated machine is the production of clean ball equipment, the production of raw material is 0.7mm stainless steel wire, directly processed into a clean ball, combine scrubber has the advantages of low production cost, simple operation, stable operation, generally 4-6 machines for a group, a group of two people, if you need to separate packaging, you need more packaging workers. The output of the machine is 8-10kg/h.

Mesh scrubber making machine

There are two ways to make this product.

  • You can directly buy the mesh scourer in roll, their own cutting packaging.
  • You can make to mesh scrubber from wire directly. Divided into semi-automatic and automatic machines, raw materials are 0.2 mm galvanized wire, quality is different according to the zinc content.
    • The semi-automatic machine can produce any gram weight, according to the gram major small set counter number, automatic cutting, the advantage is that you can produce any gram weight of mesh scrubber, the disadvantage is the need for artificial processing of mesh scourer.
    • The automatic machine can be made into rolls of mesh scrubber, automatic rolls, the advantage is to save labor, the disadvantage is that only can produce a small weight of mesh scourer pad, a maximum weight of 20 grams.

Machinery necessary for the production

  • Air compressor and air storage tank. An air compressor is a device used to compress the gas. Air compressors are similar in construction to water pumps. Most air compressors are reciprocating piston type, rotating blades, or rotating screws. An air compressor is a necessary piece of equipment for the production of clean balls. It provides the pneumatic power for the clean ball machine. When used with the air storage tank, it can reduce the repeated startup times of the air compressor and extend the service life
  • Grinding machine. A common cylindrical grinding machine is a machine specially used for grinding the press wheel, and can also be used for grinding other parts. The grinder (grinding machine) is a machine for grinding the workpiece surface by using grinding tools. Most grinding machines use high-speed rotating grinding wheels for grinding, while a few use other grinding tools such as whetstone, an abrasive belt, and free abrasive for processing, such as honing machine, super finishing machine, abrasive belt grinder, grinding machine, and polishing machine. A cylindrical grinding machine is the most widely used type of machine tool, it is generally composed of the base part of the cast iron bed, workbench, bearing and driving the workpiece rotation of the head frame, tail seat, grinding wheel rack installation grinding wheel (grinding head), control of the workpiece size of the transverse feed mechanism, control of machine tool moving parts of the action of electrical and hydraulic devices and other main components. The cylindrical grinding machine can be divided into an ordinary cylindrical grinding machine, universal cylindrical grinding machine, wide grinding wheel cylindrical grinding machine, end face cylindrical grinding machine, multi-wheel frame cylindrical grinding machine, multi-disc grinding wheel cylindrical grinding machine, cut type cylindrical grinding machine, and special cylindrical grinding machine

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