How to use press wheel in metal cleaning ball making machine

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The press wheel of the clean ball machine is a vital part for the production of stainless steel scrubber , the durability of the press wheel directly affects the output of the machine and the workload of the workers, a good press wheel can reduce the workload of the workers, there are many factors in the use of the press wheel, so in the daily use of the press wheel, we should pay attention to the following three points.

  • Pay attention to the pressure of the pressure wheel. In the pressure wheel installation, to gradually pressure from light to heavy, pressure process to step on the foot switch, observe the most inside and outside of the steel wire flattening degree, to ensure that the two sides of the flattening degree is consistent, if the pressure is not flat enough, you need to add a little more pressure, if the other side of the flat is not flat enough, you need to add pressure on the side of the flat enough, at the same time, flat side can reduce the pressure, Observe the most inner and outer squishing degree, be careful not to pressure too much, squishing. After the adjustment is completed, run the machine and observe the situation of silk. If the silk flower is too large, it indicates that the pressure is not enough and it needs to continue to increase the pressure. Conclusion: The pressure of the press wheel should not be too large, if the pressure is too large, it will lead to premature small pits on the surface of the press wheel, accelerate the wear of the press wheel, but also more likely to damage the bearing.
  • Pay attention to the addition of soap lubrication. In the process of using the pressure wheel, the need to add soap to soften the water and lubrication, reduce the friction between the pressure wheel, prolong the service life of the pressure wheel, the amount of soap according to the number of foam to judge, generally there should be a rich foam.
  • Pay attention to the replacement of the pressure wheel bearing. The general model of the pressure wheel bearing is 6308. There are two kinds of iron sealing ring and rubber sealing ring. Both kinds can be used. When you hear the rattling sound or feel the vibration of the bearing by touching the bearing in the process of machine operation, it means that the bearing needs to be replaced. The vibration of the bearing will cause the shaft of the press wheel to become thinner, which can not be used any more, and it needs to be repaired by welding and then reprocessed by lathe. Bearing vibration will also affect the beauty of silk flowers, leading to irregular silk flowers, silk flowers become larger, leading to clean the ball is not good. So we should pay attention to the use of bearings, if damaged, replace in time.
  • Pay attention to the thickness of steel wire. In the process of using the press wheel, when the steel wire is thicker, the use time of the press wheel is shorter, when the steel wire is thinner, the use time of the press wheel is longer, the thickness of the steel wire should be between 0.125mm and 0.135mm is the best, too thin is easy to break, too thick affects the service life of the press wheel. To timely change the mold according to the situation to adjust the thickness of the wire.