The solution for solving the line broken off the scrubber /cleaning ball-making machine

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A teacher once said, “With the idea of helping him or her solve a problem, or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.
Let me know if you need my help, We are experienced in machine operation, production, and packaging and can give good advice”.

So I posted it on my Facebook page to show my friends that I don’t just sell my products, I really want to help people. Our Facebook website is:

Then a lot of new friends contacted me and put forward a variety of questions, which asked the most about the steel scrubber-making machine production problems, stainless steel wire is easy to break, can not find the start, waste a lot, how to solve it?

This situation greatly affects our production and processing efficiency. In order to minimize the occurrence of this situation, I summarize the following reasons and solutions for you:

  • 1: pressure wheel reason, pressure wheel after a long time of work, there are many large and small pits on the surface, resulting in steel wire through the pit when the damage, will be broken after the blade.
  • Solution:
    1. the pressure wheel behind the steel wire replacement position.
    2. Replace the pressure wheel.
  • 2: blade reason, blade after a long time of wear, there will be a ditch, when the wire is flattened the trench mark is more expansive, and the wire will be stuck here and can not pass, resulting in a broken line.

1. Remove the blade for polishing;
2. Replace the blade with a new one

  • 3: guide wheel reason: the guide wheel after a long time of wear will be worn out with groove marks, when the flattened steel wire reaches here will be stuck, resulting in a broken line, or lead to the rubber wheel can not draw normally.

Solution: 1. Replace the guide wheel.
2. Loosen the nut and rotate the guide wheel.

The above three are common situations, there may be other reasons, welcome to leave a message if you encounter questions, I will be the first time to reply to you, thank you for your reading.