How to solve clean ball silk flower bad?

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Stainless steel cleaning ball
good silk flower

Stainless steel cleaning ball
bad silk flower

Cleaning ball of silk flower is not good, it directly affects the quality and appearance of the clean ball, keep the silk flower even and smooth is the basis of ensuring the quality of the clean ball, below I share with you the reasons why silk flower is not good and how we get an excellent silk flower.

there`s our operating video, which maybe can help you:

Silk flower bad reasons and solutions

  • The reason for the press wheel, is when the press wheel after a long time of work, there will be a lot of vertical lines on the surface of the press wheel, and the vertical lines have a certain depth, when the press wheel squeezes the steel wire, the steel wire will become uneven because of the vertical lines, resulting in uneven silk flower thickness, the production of the ball will not be beautiful, quality is not good.
1, timely change the position of the steel wire behind the press wheel.
2, timely replacement of smooth pressure wheel.
  • The reason why the fastening force on both sides of the pressure wheel is inconsistent. When the fastening force on both sides of the pressure wheel is inconsistent, one side of the pressure will be flat, and the other side of the pressure is not flat enough. The not flat side will appear silk flowers become larger, and the production of the clean ball is not good looking, bad quality.
Adjust the pressure of the pressure wheel according to the situation of the stainless steel wire flattening until the width of both sides is consistent.
  • The Angle of the blade and the regulating wheel, the regulating wheel is responsible for adjusting the Angle relationship between the steel wire and the blade, when the Angle is wrong, the steel wire through the blade will cause irregular silk flowers, affecting the quality and beauty of the ball.
Solution: Adjust the position of the steel wire on the guide wheel, and observe the wear of the guide wheel, if the wear is serious, replace the guide wheel in time.
  • The reason for the silk flowers is silk flowers through the rubber wheel, if placed in the wrong position, will cause the cleaning ball to be not beautiful.
The solution is to change the position of silk flowers around.

The above is my summary of the causes and solutions of the bad silk flowers. I hope it can help you, and I welcome your suggestions. I will reply to you as soon as I see it.