How to add lubricant to the wire drawing machine?

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Do you know how to operate the wire drawing machine and combine the scrubber-making machine easily? Here’s the operated wire drawing machine video:

But you also need to know this, Lubricant plays an important role in the drawing process of the wire drawing machine. Why do we think it’s important?

  • First, lubricant can play the role of lubrication, prolonging the life of the mold.
  • second, lubricant can also play the role of rust prevention, preventing stainless steel wire and the inside of the tank rust.
  • third, lubricant can speed up the precipitation of debris in the tank, and keep the tank clean and sanitary.

So the correct proportion will make your work easy and easy, at the same time can save production costs. If used improperly, the production cost will increase and the production process will be complicated. For example, if the lubricant is too little, there will be insufficient lubrication, which will accelerate the loss of the wire drawing die. The price of the wire drawing die is very high, which will increase the production cost. If too much drawing lubricant is added, it will cause broken lines in the water tank. Because of too much lubrication, there is not enough friction between the winding wheel and the steel wire, resulting in broken lines and reducing production efficiency. Below, I will share with you how to correctly add lubricant.

  •  Doap lubricant. In the machine drawing process, you can use cheap soap as a lubricant, the advantage of soap lubrication is that the ratio is easy to control because soap will have foam, when the tank produces a lot of foam that has been done, do not need to continue to add soap, when the foam disappeared when appropriate to add soapy water. It’s easy to melt the soap in a bucket in advance, stir it with a wooden stick for a few minutes, and then pour the soapy water into the tank. It melts slowly in winter or when the water is cold. The disadvantage of soap lubricant is that more foam, foam carrying a lot of dirty things will adhere to the tank around, unsanitary, and difficult to clean.
  • Drawing paste lubricant. Drawing paste is a paste of viscous colloid, that will melt after water, will be completely dissolved into water, and is a relatively ideal lubricant, the cost is also slightly lower than soap, suitable for high-speed drawing machines, cleaning ball machines, and other drawing equipment, drawing paste advantages are good lubrication effect, effectively prolong the life of the drawing mold, has a certain rust prevention effect, easy to store, easy to use. At the same time, the drawing paste has the characteristics of being easy to clean, and will not form attached garbage like soap foam. The use ratio is about 1:80 to 1:120, which can be adjusted according to the situation. The drawing paste is affected by low temperatures, and it can also melt when the water temperature is low.
  • Drawing oil lubricant, drawing oil lubricant is not two kinds, fully synthetic and semi-synthetic drawing oil, full synthetic cleaning effect is better, the addition ratio is smaller, the full synthetic addition ratio is 1:2000-1:350, and the semi-synthetic addition ratio is 1:150-1:300. Drawing oil is a kind of liquid lubricant, it will be completely dissolved into the water when it meets water, and it has the characteristics of easy dissolution and fast dissolution speed. The advantages of drawing oil are that the additional proportion is small, the effect is better, and it has good cleaning and precipitation effect. It is suitable for high-speed drawing machines and cleaning ball integrated machines and can prolong the service life of drawing die very well.

Wire drawing lubricating oil is mainly the above three kinds. The main purpose of wire drawing lubricating oil is to lubricate the wire drawing die, prevent line breaking, and prolong the service life of the wire drawing die. No matter what kind of lubrication product is used, it is necessary to adjust the proportion of addition to achieve the best lubrication effect.