The packing machine of the dishwashing scouring pad

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We see many different packaging of cleaning scouring pads in the supermarket, some are blister card packaging, some are net bag packaging, and more common is bag packaging.

For different customer requirements, we will customize different packages for customers, which will bear the customer’s company name, logo, and even contact information. Some packaging is manual packaging, and some are machine packaging, so if we want to make finished products, which packaging machines need?

Automatic pillow packing machine

  • Packing machine details
  • How to install it?
  1. The automatic pillow packing machine is divided into three parts, the host part, the conveyor belt part, and the discharge part, the first to install the host part and the conveyor belt part, the first conveyor belt part of the foot frame open, supports the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt link host part is directly on the support plate, connecting the line, and the optical fiber hole, the position is left good.

2. The second step is to install the discharge platform. There are corresponding positions of four screws under the discharge platform. After installing the screws, hang the chain through a small gear and then through a big gear.

3. First of all, to measure the length of the product, input the length of the product on the control panel, input length is the actual length of the product plus 50mm, packaging will automatically calculate the length of the material, and then according to the mechanical reset, the product on the packaging machine packaging.

Blister card packing machine

Suction plastic packaging machine through heating to make the suction card and paper card stick together, easy to operate.

Heat sealing machine

Our factory provides a variety of packaging machines and technology and also produces a variety of packaging of cleaning scouring pads if you need them, please contact me as soon as possible.