Stainless Steel 410 Wire 0.13mm


Stainless steel scourer, galvanized mesh scourer, brass scourer, copper scourer, sponge, scouring pad, steel wool…

Additional information

Raw material

stainless steel 410 /430


15 kgs per spool


raw material for stainless steel scourer


2 spools per carton, bulk ,bag package and blister card


qingdao port,shanghai port

Product Description

stainless steel wire

Material: 410  ,430



Package Unit: Spool, coil

High quality with reasonable price, Features of stainless steel wire: high strength, excellent anti-corrosion property, good preventing and anti-radiating property

1.Application: redrawing,woven mesh,soft pipe,cabinet,steel cable,filter machine,spring.the stainless steel wire has good extensibility, high intensity, high

flexibility, wear resistance, rust resistance.

2. Classification: hard material wire, soft material wire, stainless steel spool, stainless steel coil.


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