Manufacturer supplier wool steel pad soap pad for cleaning 8G x 10pc red

Steel wool, Stainless steel scourer, galvanized mesh scourer, brass scourer, copper scourer, sponge, scouring pad, steel wool…

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Raw material

stainless steel




kitchen cleaning


bulk ,bag package and blister card


qingdao port,shanghai port

Product Description

Manufacturer supplier abrasive cleaning pad soap pad


Production Name Soap Pad
Use Kitchens and canteens
Specifications Soap rate: 30% SOAP & 70% Steel, 0#
MOQ 1000 Sets
Packing 8GX 10PCS color box
Description Soap pads clean to a brilliant shine. Abrasive cleaning pad, preloaded with soap, Ideal for use in kitchens and canteens 8GX 10PCS


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